January 2021

24 10.10 Gottesdienst
Verheissungen im Alltag: Finanzen
Stephan R.
Leutschenbachstrasse 95
31 10.10 Gottesdienst
Sprachfähig 3: Apologetik
Leutschenbachstrasse 95

February 2021

03 20.00 Weites Land
Aus dem Erbe verschiedener christlicher Traditionen schöpfen
Wehntalerstrasse 283, 8046 Zürich
07 Chile bi de Lüt verschieden
14 10.10 Gottesdienst
Sprachfähig 4:
Gottes Geschichte & meine Geschichte
Stephan K.
Leutschenbachstrasse 95

Special events


Hello Zurich!

Welcome to Vineyard Zürich. We are an evangelical church and feel as a part of the whole worldwide church. We have witnessed how Jesus Christ touches and changes people today just as he did 2,000 years ago. As a Vineyard, authentic faith is important to us, where people can be themselves and walk the path of life as learners.

We gather together from over 30 nations and people from various backgrounds and generations. We have a wide variety of communities and initiatives that live as local church, serving in a practical way and doing good.