May 2024

30 06.00 Joy of Morning Prayer
30 20.00 Joy of Evening Prayer
ZOOM Meeting

June 2024

02 Chile bi de Lüt verschieden
02 08.30 Chile bi de Lüt
wird noch bekannt gegeben
02 10.00 Chile bi de Lüt
Gemeinschaftsraum Wolfswinkel in Zürich Affoltern

Special events


Our Values

1. God's Presence and Power

We practice the presence of God and experience his intimacy and his strengthening.
We give God our undivided attention, and thereby we experience his power and miracles that point us back to him. In his presence we experience joy and hope.


2. Grace & Goodness

Good – Gooder – God. God is good. 
The goodness of God transcends our understanding and noone can and no one can or must earn the love of God; Jesus Christ accomplished it all for us.


3. Learning Culture

We are learning constantly, and we are cultivating the strengths and potential of people
Following Christ means imitating Christ. Therefore, we look and listen to the Father and do what he says. What we learn, we pass on to others.


4. Community as Extended Family

What we do, we don’t do alone, but as an extended family – that shapes us.
We share our lives with others as in a family. One can feel at home with us and be themselves. At the same token we allow our characters to be developed as we spend time together.


5. Serving the City

We are serving and do good. We are socially relevant.
We share the goodness that we’ve received from God. Partnering with our city and other churches, we are doing good as we can. We serve others, give our time, are generous and unconditional.


6. Self-Responsibility

People were made to be free and self-responsible.
We are committed to personal growth, a healthy sense of identity and freedom for people. We live as free and powerful people. As such we empower others to make best decisions in their individual circumstances.