August 2022

21 10.10 Gottesdienst
Johannes-Evangelium I
Stephan R.
Leutschenbachstrasse 95
28 10.10 Gottesdienst
Johannes-Evangelium II
Leutschenbachstrasse 95

September 2022

11 10.10 Gottesdienst
Johannes-Evangelium 3
Leutschenbachstrasse 95
18 10.10 Gottesdienst
0-100 Alli Zäme
Julia , Fabienne
Leutschenbachstrasse 95
25 10.10 Gottesdienst
Johannes-Evangelium 4
Leutschenbachstrasse 95

Special events


Getting to know you

A warm welcome to Vineyard Zurich!

It’s great to have you check out our site. Are you expecting more heaven on earth? We do and that's what we stand for.

Our doors are wide open for newcomers. We’d like to get to know you better and tell you who we are as a local church in Zurich; and perhaps in turn you could let us know what’s on your heart. What do you see as your calling and purpose in life? How would you like to impact our city and culture?

If you’d like, please leave a message and your mobile number here so that we can get in touch with you within the week.