April 2024

14 10.10 Gottesdienst
Heaven's Miniature: Olivier
Leutschenbachstrasse 95
18 06.00 Joy of Morning Prayer
18 20.00 Joy of Evening Prayer
ZOOM Meeting
21 10.10 Gottesdienst
Heaven's Miniature: Bärbel
Leutschenbachstrasse 95
25 06.00 Joy of Morning Prayer

Special events


A Church with a Heart for Serving People

Throughout history, we see that whenever a church made it a priority to serve people, that church became a blessing.  That is the reason why we want to invest our services in the lives of people to help them develop into spiritually ripe Christians, and to equip them to find their calling and purpose. 

Our consulting services are open to all who are interested and provide help when questions arise concerning relationships, marital counselling, child guidance and psychological distress, as well as finding solutions in financial difficulty.

Other services include practical help for those in existential need, as well as support by international charitable projects.

Vineyard Training includes practical course units that support living life in the Christian faith. We also offer specific training that supports leaders in strengthening their leadership skills.